Our Approach

We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences rather than worksheets and learning by rote. We have set up our pre-school to provide lots of interesting resources using loose parts as the basis to support children's natural curiosity about the world around them. There are surprises and a wealth of materials around each corner keeping a homely feel to the setting. The children choose the activities they wish to be involved in on a daily basis and are encouraged to be as independent as possible. 

Staff continually observe the children to enable them to plan for the next steps in their learning.

We value parent's opinions and welcome ideas and suggestions, we are always open to ideas to help us improve our provision.

Our vision is to provide a healthy happy environment where children are given the opportunity to explore and develop in their own unique way, enhancing their learning through play to better prepare them for school.

To provide children from 2 years to 5 years the foundations necessary to help them realise their full potential both immediately and as they grow towards a successful future.  

Our Two year olds are supported

Our two year olds are supported in their learning through a rich and varied environment. Playing and exploring. We provide lots of sensory experiences. Spaces to run around and take controlled risks climbing, balancing and challenging themselves. We pride ourselves on always having time for a cuddle if they are not feeling quite themselves one day.. We support their early language development through constant opportunities to sing, chat, and share stories.


Our Pre- School children are supported through an imaginative and play based environment, We use loose parts and natural resouces in our maths area to encourage number, weighing and measuring in an interesting and investigative manner. Our literacy area has many varied resources, such as keyboards, LCD writing tablets, typewriters and printing sets. The laptop, tablets and globes help the children to investiga where they feel safe to grow and expand their knowledge and prepare them for moving on to school.